About Your Trainers

Coach TJ

Basketball Skills Trainer, Player Development \ Performance Enhancement Specialist

Coach TJ Basketball Performance is a small basketball training facility with the goal of building players basketball skills, confidence and physical performance.  With over 20 years of playing, coaching and training experience, Coach TJ's training model and methods are providing immediate results.  Reasonably priced training packages, a fun, safe and hard working environment and a trainer who truly believes that if the players knows that you care, then the players care about what you know.

A Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) is trained to design strength and conditioning programs to improve an athlete’s endurance, strength, speed, and power, and reduce risk of injury.

A Player development specialist has been certified to provide the following: 


  • Intense instruction and drilling in small-group settings to improve every facet of the game

  • Age-specific training to improve overall athleticism with a basketball specific focus

  • Information to help each player improve his or her nutrition to become a better athlete and player

Coach Mike - Hunger Creates Beasts

Basketball Skill Development Trainer and Basketball Coach

Coach Mike Hussein Joins Coach TJ Basketball Performance as an independent trainer bringing his talents as a high school and college player to the program, Coach Mike also brings a wealth of collegiate training and skill development knowledge to the program.  As an independent entity Coach Mikes rates are different of Coach TJ's but Coach Mike will honor any package if a player is assigned to Coach Mike from Coach TJ.    


Coach Mike Hussein has been coaching for several years at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). Coach Mike has been assisted in leading the BMCC Panthers to back-to-back conference championships, developed four top ten nationally ranked players and become the number two team in the country for the first time in school history. Prior to becoming a coach, Coach Mike played two years for the Borough of Manhattan Community College.  Coach Mike was able to achieve a partial academic and athletic scholarship to Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte where he went on to play against some of the best competition in North Carolina in Divisions 1,2,and 3.